Many people lack a healthy work-life balance, which – based on the results of Voices of our Industry - is the biggest contributor to stress. At Creative Belgium we are committed to shaping an inspiring industry for everyone, so we push back against the long-hours culture where possible and stimulate people to do something else instead of working overtime. Ultimately, supporting creativity isn’t just good for the people, it’s good for business as well.

 “After Hours” projects are the result of inspiration that strikes anytime, anywhere, anyhow… Creatives need creative freedom and creative expression. Inspiration is an important part of the creative process. So shifting your focus after hours and igniting your creative passion will bring you more than you might realize! The coming weeks we will inspire you with side projects, creative hobbies, passion projects of people from our industry. All these personal initiatives are time well spent as they are good for the mind, productivity and overall creativity.

Stuck or experiencing a creative block? Trust us, how you spend your time after hours can make all the difference.

You may already have your own side project going on. Let us know