Research has the power to unlock mind-blowing creative work. That’s why Creative Belgium offers free-to-allon-demand Expert Classes - available anytime & anywhere - on a range of subjects. 


Nicole Madajczyk, communication intern at Creative Belgium, guides you through the basics of making a CV, how to express your motivation in a coverletter and the importance of a portfolio. She shares information on how to explore the communication industry before looking for a job and ends the session with some interesting tips and tricks. This expert class of 30 minutes is a must-see for everyone who wants to apply for a job in the creative industry.

This Expert Class was recorded in Oktober 2023.

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Public Relations

Déborah De Klerck, Managing Director at Famous Relations, takes you through the basics of PR and its importance. She sheds a light on how to make news and how to deliver it, tells you all about PR newsdrivers, influencer marketing and trends for the upcoming year. This expert class of 30 minutes is a must-see for everyone who creates communication for brands.

This Expert Class was recorded in February 2023.



Sustainability & B Corp

For the New Talent Award 2023, giffgaff asks you to tell their story of becoming a B Corp through illustration and animation. Air Brussels just received its B Corp certification and will guide you through the details of B Corp and what it really means. Arnaud Bailly, Creative Director and Partner at Air, talks about sustainability, how to transform love brands to well brands and why it’s important in an on-demand online expert class of 25 minutes.

This Expert Class was recorded in January 2023.



From Cold Case to Gold Case

We bring you a free-to-all, on demand creative session with Peter Ampe, Creative Director & Partner at FamousGrey. Peter's latest book, From Cold Case to Gold Case, is all about turning good work into winning work by giving your idea the case film it deserves. This session is a virtual workshop for all emerging talent by one of Belgium's most awarded creatives. Let Peter guide you through his insights and tips on how to blend idea and story in an inspiring way. 

The free online course lasts 1 hour and the recording is best experienced on a desktop.

If you're interested in having your own copy of Peter's guide, you can order the book at a special student rate (€15) by mailing to You can also listen to an interview with Peter & Isabel Van den Broeck about the importance of storytelling here.

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Creative Courage

What if marketers treated creativity as a competitive advantage? And, most importantly, what results would brands be able to achieve? As the relationship between brands and people evolves, fueled by rapidly changing technology, media landscape and consumer expectation, it is easy to confuse what is here to stay and what is just noise. Fernando Machado, Global Chief Marketing Officer for Burger King, believes creativity can be a source of competitive advantage. This entertaining presentation showcases how Burger King consistently punches above its weight thanks to a firm belief that creativity does pay off.

This 75 minute presentation is only available for a viewing in a closed classroom setting. Please contact us to access this session for your students.

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Radio School

Are you a student or a young creative dreaming of a radio briefing for you to show your creative magic in words? Or a teacher looking for inspiration and content to guide your students into creative radio commercials?

Radio School is an initiative by Creative Belgium and Var. It's a practical radio content platform for those wanting to work on skills of radio creativity. Our best creatives from Belgian ad and sound agencies share their own secrets, tips and trics to get the most out of a radio briefing.

Radio School is available in Dutch or in French.

Besides this virtual school, we also offer live expert classes for schools. Invite a professional into your classroom for an expert training course. The Radio School Expert Class is an inspirational and practical training course offered by people from the industry passionate about radio. Future creatives will gain more confidence, work on their skills and learn techniques by getting inspired and making exercises.

Are you curious if your radio scripts actually work? Then join the Radio School Expert Class in the studio! Professionals will guide you on how to transform scripted ideas into well crafted radio commercials. 

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