My vision on the mission of Creative Belgium:

  • Being a club where creatives like to come, a club where the membership feels exclusive but is inclusive to those who join.
  • Being a platform where good work gets recognition and excellent work gets awarded. And where the awarding also abroad stays the most important recognition for creative excellence.
  • Being a forum for people and ideas that makes the distance between agencies and advertisers smaller and also between advertisers and their clients. 
  • A club where creativity puts its middle finger in the air to clinchers of great ideas.

My vision on what the mission of the Board of Creative Belgium is: 

  • Leading an organization that’s an absolute authority in the creative industry and wants to be known for its merits.
  • An organization that’s a beacon for creativity for and by its members.

On a day like this, I don’t ask myself what Creative Belgium has to offer me, but what I have to offer to creative Belgium.

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