HOT HOT HOT: (the weather and) Radio on Cannes Lions 2017
Aah, Cannes Lions 2017, the heat, the sun, sea, shellfish and crawfish, far too much liquor and green-key guys on the beach. Its chilled cellar in the palace, long queues, a radio corner with 4 would-be iPads of which only 2 work. But most of all heaps of inspiration, unexpectedly boring and other unexpectedly exciting, interesting talks and enjoying good work... ork... ork.
E.g. this Gold Lion for Duracell, should, in my opinion, have won the GP.

DURACELL | GREY AFRICA | 2017 Radio - A06 Miscellaneous


(MUSIC: Over-the-top sentimental/nostalgic music)

"It was the year the final Harry Potter book appeared. A time before Uber, exploding Kugas and Carpool Karaoke. When you used your cell phone to make phone calls. When Miley was famous for playing Hanna Montana, not twerking. And Tiger was famous for playing the fairway, not the field. It was long before watches counted steps. When Chuck Norris jokes were still funny. Kidding! You don’t stop laughing at Chuck Norris jokes. Chuck Norris jokes stop laughing at you. When DVD
stores were easy to find. A time when you swallowed tablets, Blackberries weren’t embarrassing and Caitlyn was still Bruce. Before Pokémon Go had come, and gone. It was the year Rihanna opened her umbrella, ella, ella. It was 2007.
Times change.
Power doesn’t. Duracell Quantum batteries - guaranteed to last for ten years in storage."


What struck me most during the award show is that there is actually quite a lot of laughter and cheering during the radio part. Radio is alive and kicking, and I am still of the opinion, which I have already clarified during the Creative Belgium radio talk "Crafting the Shit Out of Radio Commercials", that a Belgian Grand Prix in radio may be possible someday. I do not think that the level in this category is unreachably high, but we do need to radically change our way of thinking about radio, kill dialogues and believe in the right partners and brands.
Or as the Burger King men once said: Be Afraid, be very afraid. But Do It.

KFC | OGILVY & MATHER JOHANNESBURG | 2017 Radio - C03 Script

Meanwhile, the radio spots for KFC, the Grand Prix winner in radio, created a great deal of atmosphere in the room.


(MUSIC: Melancholic Music)

MVO: (Hesitant exasperated grunts)
ANNCR: Take a deep breath.
MVO1: Uhh… When your mom stands up for you in a Facebook fight.
ANNCR: That is sad.
MVO2: When you drop your phone on your face while reading in bed.
ANNCR: Soooo sad.
MVO3: When your best friend calls you Al but your name is Quintin.
ANNCR: I can understand your sadness.
MVO4: When you drop the bass… and nobody notices.
ANNCR: I’m sorry. That is… that is sad.
MVO5: When some dude offers you his seat on the bus.
ANNCR: Why? Why would he do that?
MVO6: When you see your ex girlfriend laughing.
ANNCR: Mmmm that is sad.
MVO7: When they ask you to repeat the punchline.
ANNCR: Soooo sad.
MVO8: When the limited offer KFC Double Down Man Meal goes off market on the 9th of January.
ANNCR: That is, without doubt, the saddest thing of all.


There will of course always be pros and cons at an Award show. I do not fully agree with some Gold Awards for example, such as Mariskal Rock Radio, something I have heard as an idea often before, even though they worked it out well, and the Silver Lions for JOVEN PAN RADIO Eyes & Hearts, as I believe that the concept was already part of the contest 2 years ago, shortlisted then. But, as we all know, this is the result of a group of people who have listened to and evaluated several thousands of radio spots in just a few days (with the necessary politics in the jury room).
It will always remain a snapshot.
But let me introduce you to some spots I believe should have earned a little more. This spot for example really blew my mind, shortlist: Emma.


This 3D Audio for Mills and Boon's penny dreadfuls is, to my opinion, very well made and should have gotten Gold in Sound Design as far as I’m concerned. What a perfect reflection of the space the scene takes place in, and it is even strategic for the brand as well ;-)

mills and boon

Furthermore, I do have a weak spot for Poetry Slam or Good old well-written copy. Enjoy these treasures.

FONTERRA | COLENSO BBDO | 2017 Radio - SILVER C03 Script


Entry Summary
“Colon D” typed is :D

Brief Explanation
In a culture that celebrates the carefully crafted selfie, there is nothing more beautiful, more revealing, or more disarming than a real authentic smile. Milk helps to grow healthy teeth, so World Champion Slam Poet Harry Baker wrote a poem as an ode to the moments you see them. Sound design creates an evocative world with effects that are familiar to young people.

Script In English

Male Voice: It’s a known fact that milk helps for healthy teeth to grow, So I dedicate this to those who put their teeth on show. I don’t just mean the winners. I don’t just mean the dreamers. I dedicate this to the grinners. I dedicate this to the beamers. Not that docile, placid, Over-practiced, Photo-static selfie face. That mildly tilted, Slightly stilted Nicely filtered, “help me” face. I mean that proper smile, Could cross the Nile,C rocodile wicked grin. That extra fat, Cheshire cat, Lips stretched to max to fit it in. None of that sugar-coated fake that leaves you looking like a mumblecrust, Or insecure, lips demure, No fun “unless I’m drunk enough”. It’s that genuine, friendly grin. Beckoning to let you in, That totally, colon D, Cannot help but show the teeth. So you can have your manufactured packaged acting happy selfie-style. I’d rather keep it simple, cheeky dimples, with a healthy smile.

Female Voice: Anchor. Grow strong.

Also this Werner Herzog-like style of voice deserved more, but it remained shortlisted.

EXCLUSIVE BOOKS | FCB CAPE TOWN | 2017Radio - C04 Casting & Performance


Brief Explanation
This radio commercial is part of a campaign for Exclusive Books to promote the Penguin Classics collection - a series of books featuring some of the world's best writers packaged in very plain covers.It imagines how Franz Kafka might have described the colour of his own Penguin Classics book cover. And aims to demonstrate that when the writing is good enough, a plain cover is all you need.

Script In English

PENGUIN CLASSICS RADIO - 'GREEN COVER'KAFKA: On the outside it is of the most peculiar colour. Like the leaves of the old oak that stands alone near the top of Petrin Hill. It had taken root too far from water and so was never as lush and bright as you would expect of a tree its size. Even in Spring it had an insipid tone. 
There were two squares of it. And like the tree, surrounded by  xuberance, it was the muted colour that would draw your attention. Provoking neither joy nor sorrow. Like overcooked beans or cold cabbage soup.
ANNCR: Franz Kafka in the plain green cover, because sometimes words are all you need. The Penguin Classics collection. Available at Exclusive Books nationwide.

penguin classic radio

This structure has been written successfully a couple of times, for example the Gold from 2014, the Chandelier Lebeau, and maybe more was due than Bronze for Script.

VOLKSWAGEN AG | GRABARZ & PARTNER | 2017 Radio - Bronze C03 Script


The radio commercial ’Cologne’.

(SFX: Classical music in the background.)

(An interesting narrator’s voice:) Somewhere on a street in Cologne. He is driving in his car. She is walking barefoot on the sidewalk. He
is world champion of barbecue three times in a row. She runs a vegan blog called ’A woman sees green’. He created the phrase ’everything under 600 grams is carpaccio’. She recently cultivated a new sort of
broccoli. He thinks of herb marinade when he sees Miss Piggy on TV. She gets a skin rash when she hears Meat Loaf playing on the radio. He is driving to the slaughterhouse. She is posting an organic chicoree recipe on her smartphone. He is wondering whether a calf’s brain could be grilled. She is stepping out onto the road and ...

(SFX: The loud beeping sound of the Volkswagen Pedestrian Monitoring System.)

(The narrator continues:) Thanks to the Pedestrian Monitoring System from Volkswagen these two people will never meet. Fortunately.

(Off-Speaker:) Volkswagen.


And to finish with Radio, sometimes everything is included in the new version and approach. For example, browsing through a book with page numbers is no new idea at all, but the approach and execution made sure that a Golden Lion was well-deserved.



A10 Retail & e-Commerce

Script In English
(MUSIC all throughout)

MAN: At 14, I found myself trapped, in a dead marriage. And I wanted out.At 21, I got my wish. I came home and the spiteful witch had vanished. By 42, people started talking, asking questions.
About her... and her insurancepolicy. At 65, I figured it's time I told her parents…and they're not pleased. When I reach 100, she was still nowhere to be found. There was nothing I could do, so I make love to
one of my students. By 220, everyone believed I killed my wife. Everyone that is, except for her. Because at 224, she returns. Now, at 251, I’m trapped, in a dead marriage. And there’s no way out.

V/O:With a book, you’re not just turning a page, you’re living a whole other life. Gillian Flynn’s "Gone Girl" and other thrillers. Available at the Fully Booked bookstores and

In addition, I also look at what is happening in Cannes at the musical scene. The focus in this area is much stronger during Cannes Lions since a couple of years. At Lions Entertainment, you can hear incredibly interesting artists talk about their work. Sam Spiegel was a really nice bloke. He is the composer of the Kenzo spot, a new benchmark in advertising for me.
In Use Original Music at Cannes Lions there was obviously a thumbs up for the Red Cross, well-deserved Gold. Btw, thumbs up for all Belgian winners and shortlists.
This ADIDAS spot got the Grand Prix in Lions Entertainment for Music. I already knew the commercial for a while but at the award show I unexpectedly got the explanation behind the track. A benefit from case films ;-)

ADIDAS ORIGINALS | JOHANNES LEONARDO | 2017 Film Craft - A08 Use of Licensed / Adapted Music

And what about this Grand Prix in Film Craft, one of the best on the Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors Showcase. Incredible storytelling for a video clip.

The BLAZE - Territory

To finish, I would like to give you 2 more clips in the "What The Fuck" category.

Lil Dicky ‘Pillow Talk”

And the lovely “Coincidance” from James Manzello.


And, oh yes, here are the green-key guys at the beach.