The past makes creativity shine. It glorifies it. It engraves it in books. 
The future, on the other hand, is uncertain and hard to grasp. 
It makes us all anxious. At least those reading this.
Will my next great idea see the light of day?
Will anyone have the balls to buy it?
Aren't we all has-beens already?
Where's my Prozac?

Working on these fears is what I want my mandate to do. 

First, excite the new generation of creative people. Helping them find meaning and passion in our creative professions with a logo in the bottom-right corner. We will do everything we can to connect with them, to inspire and guide them, to sit beside them.

Next, we need to get closer to the decision-makers. CEO’s, CFO’s, CMO’s... All those big Cs with power and money. We need to rekindle in them the desire to buy and invest in creative communication. I dream of the ideas that win creative awards becoming the campaigns my mother saw. Without money and scale, we cannot bring these great ideas out of the shadows.

For our Brave Little Belgium to shine, we need brave members of the board. A dedicated board that acts in the interest of all of us, not just for the sake of their agency. 

We are here to give, not to take. That's our commitment. 

For the board, 
Arnaud Pitz

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