As an Art Director, Antoinette Ribas is fascinated by Productising. She loves creating iconic objects for brands. She designed a collection of scarves for the launch of the Audi A3 Cabrio, a cushion filled with the old IKEA catalogue, the first dog safety vest for Tom&Co and an entirely edible Christmas card made out of celery for Lima. 

Creating designed furniture or remarkable objects is a free time hobby. Her first creation in 2011 was The Tablemag - a coffee table with a built-in rack meant to store magazines elegantly. The collection was featured at the Brussels Design Week and subsequently exhibited in London. She is currently launching an innovative series of green, sustainable and reusable furniture in addition to a mask made of mushroom for Permafunghi, a collection of astounding Easter eggs and an ephemeral wedding dress.

Antoinette was rewarded dozens of times in Belgium. She was honoured 3 times with the Creative Belgium “Best Art Direction” award. At Cannes Lions she was awarded 1 Gold Lion, 4 Silver and 7 Bronze Lions and was also rewarded at Eurobest, New York festival, European Mixx Awards etc.

"Working as an Art Director in several Agencies (Ogilvy, Famous, Mortier Brigade, Air, DDB), I realized the lack of diversity in the creative teams regarding gender, culture and skills. Hence I decided to join the Board of Creative Belgium so I can use my experience in order to help improve diversity and skills in the years to come."
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