Name Creative Directors

Bart Klerckx (@bartklerckx)

Name responsible creative internship

Bart Klerckx

Contact details responsible creative internship (phone)

+32 495 541974

Contact details responsible creative internship (email)

Minimum duration internship

3 weeks

Maximum duration internship

To be discussed

Duo internship required? (Copy/AD)?


Available creative functions or positions for internships:

Copywriter/Artdirector/Graphic designer/UX designer/Digital designer/Content designer/Photography/Motion designer

How to apply?

Send an e-mail and a link to your portfolio (or a pdf with your best work) to the creative director. Show how you sparkle.

How is the selection procedure?

First selection is based on your best work. So: impress, and we’ll invite you over for an interview.

How many weeks/months in advance should you apply?

It doesn't matter, you can reach out to us whenever!