Name Creative Directors

Jens Mortier (@mbrigade) - Joost Berends (@joostberends) - Philippe De Ceuster (@phildeceuster)

Name responsible creative internship

Philippe De Ceuster

Contact details responsible creative internship (email)

Minimum duration internship

Minimum 2 maanden/mois/months

Maximum duration internship

Maximum 6 maanden/mois/months

Duo internship required? (Copy/AD)?


Available creative functions or positions for internships:

creative, producer, account, studio, graphical design, …

How to apply?

  • Dien je stage aanvraag in via mail of via andere originelere manieren.
  • Envoyez votre demande de stage par e-mail ou d’autres manières plus originales
  • Send your internship application in by mail or other more original ways.

How is the selection procedure?

  • De beste wint.
  • Que le meilleur gagne !
  • The best man / woman wins.

How will you get feedback from the agency?

  • Feedback wordt gegeven tijdens een live gesprek.
  • Feedback  donné durant l'interview
    Feedback will be given during a live interview

How many weeks/months in advance should you apply?

  • Enkele maanden op voorhand.
  • Quelques mois à l’avance.
  • A few months in advance.