3 Jun 2021

Last year saw many waves, unfortunately they weren’t the ones you could surf, or lose your itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini in… But let’s not be salty about that. Instead whip out your flashiest specs and bronzing lotion, because summer is coming and the future is looking bright again.  

This year’s #CBA21 awards show will be a stream of overflowing abundance. Literally. For the first time in our history, Creative Belgium & DPG Media are broadcasting a live stream that will zap you straight to our beloved boardwalk in spirit. Think Eurovision, but with slightly less silly looking candidates. Agency x, douze points!

Ready to discover which agencies bring home metal for the most relevant brands (and non-profit causes) in the business? Stay tuned and stay tanned! All will be revealed on June 3rd at 4pm…

this was CBA21