19 Dec 2020

A 10-hour marathon benefiting local non-profit Villa Fura. On December 19 at Creative Belgium and Make a Mark Brussels bring together professional designers, developers, videographers and other creatives to pro-bono work for deserving causes. We provide Villa Fura, a non-profit in Brussels, with creative resources for their organization that can be used to promote the organization and increase the quality of communication between the organization and the audiences.


About the Event

A communication strategy and branding for a specific summer project and the tools or guidelines to use this strategy effectively, mostly digitally but occasionally also "in the real world" when it comes to the general branding.


About Make a Mark Brussels

Make a Mark Brussels was born out of the need and desire to bridge the gap between the non-profit/humanitarian community and the creative community. We seek to provide resources and foster an environment where community organizations and visual communicators can engage with one another to better our world. Make a Mark Brussels has always pushed to support talented people leading life-changing causes with the innovation and creativity they need to thrive. We will experiment with new ways we can serve the passionate and purposeful.


What is a Maker?

Makers include designers, developers, illustrators, photographers, videographers and any other creatives.



09.00 am Registration & breakfast
09.30 am Kick off
12.00 pm Lunch
01.00 pm Non-profit check in
06.30 pm Deadline
07.30 pm Dinner
08.00 pm Drinks & demos
09.00 pm End


Supported by VAR


Covid-19 obliges everyone to show full responsibility and caution. It is a delicate moment for everyone. Creative Belgium and Make a Mark Brussels are fully aware of the challenge to organise this event during the Covid-19 pandemic.


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