9 Feb 2021

Growth and career thinking for female leaders 

Diversity - including on the grounds of gender - is a real issue in the Belgian creative industry. Men are twice as likely to be in a senior role as women. Without role models and bias in progression structures, this has a huge impact on women’s careers. Women are not progressing to leadership roles and this is seen as the norm in the industry.

It’s important to challenge this to address a lack of representation of women and female creativity. Awareness and actions need to happen immediately (quoted in report by Creative Belgium.) It’s thé moment to turn good intentions into concrete visible, measurable support and actions. This is not about fixing a problem, it’s all about potential. There are things that can be done at the level of women, men, teams, organisations and society. Because like Belinda Gates says: when you help lift up women, you help lift humanity. This class gives insights, tactics and a roadmap for female talents. It inspires and challenges them to help lift spirits and create a movement that in the end moves society forward. 


What will I learn?

In the first class you will…

  • Learn that it’s not about working harder!
  • Acquire knowledge about bias, assumptions, blind spots that risk to hold you back unconsciously.
  • Work around being - more - in sync with your personal values.
  • Explore how you’ll get more leverage from your personal strengths.

 In the second class you will...

  • Explore how to better integrate work & life.
  • Grasp a vast number of  tricks & tactics based on experience-based evidence > 15 years of lifting females at work. We’ll widen this by sharing our learnings with others in the classroom.
  • Set your personal goal and plan an easy start in order to hold on to it and eventually thrive.


Why should I attend?

Times are changing and female empowerment is a reality.

But it is not a 1 size fit for all.  We all are unique and have our individual personalities.  Your gender doesn’t define who you are or what we can do. Here are some science-and experience backed tactics to lift your spirits, sharpen your mind and put some focus back on yourself as a female leader. Because we firmly believe that you as an individual female have underleveraged talents. This will do wonders to boost the creative industry because we are all facing renewal and reshaping the agency of the future. 


For who? 

Female, or identifying as female, professionals in the creative industry.

° This course can also be tailored to train teams, management teams and thereby structurally improve the organisation as such.



  • Lunch session 09/02 + 02/03
  • Jam Session 09/03



  • CB members € 399 
  • Non-members € 499 

2 lunch sessions + 1 jam session 

(5,5h training + coaching)


This is an initiative from Creative Belgium and YIN UNITED supported by MediaMarketing and Flanders DC.