11 Feb 2021

Future-proof your leadership style. For male leaders

How do you flex your brain muscles in new ways? You know that it’s good for your growth potential to create a healthy context for new thinking and doing. What about using partnerships as the fuel for innovative thinking? We see an opportunity in connecting with Millennials who demand inclusive thinking for themselves as well as for others. They want to feel accepted for who they are, regardless of race, religion, background, sexual orientation, etc. They want to see you walk the talk, not just good intentions. Another reality is female empowerment, both as consumers and at work. Today the norm in the Belgian creative industry is to have a lot of male leaders. Men are the gatekeepers. The gatekeepers for positive change. How do you move forward? What makes you a future-proof leader? What are easy starts -from tomorrow on- to lead in this changing landscape, to get the best out of partnerships and to harvest better results? This class feeds your curiosity and is done in a fun and easy going way. It gives insights, tactics and a roadmap for male leaders, or aspiring to be. 


What will I learn?

In the first class you will...

  • Future-proofing your leadership, what’s it about? What’s new? 
  • Train your brain muscles in new ways. Knowledge about bias, assumptions, blind spots.
  • Work on a few strong essentials for leading into the new.

In the second class you will…

  • Grasp a vast number of tricks & tips based on experience-based evidence  > 10 years of helping men to lead more future-proof and collaboratively. 
  • Set your personal goal and future-proof yourself in a way that fits your personal work context. 
  • Set your personal plan to get an easy start to help you hold on to it and help you thrive.


Why should I attend?

It is not a 1 size fit for all. We all are unique and have our individual personalities. Your gender doesn’t define who you are or what you can do. Absolutely no moralising. You simply get help to lift up the way you lead into the new reality, by 

  1. new thinking, better collaborations;
  2. more efficient decision taking;
  3. better risk assessment;
  4. being closer to your client’s world when creating output for them. 

There are learnings to be shared, doors that can be opened, blind spots and unconscious bias that can be wiped out. You’ll get input and inspiration in an easy accessible pragmatic way. You’ll land tips & tricks in what you can do better from tomorrow on. 


For who? 

Male leaders, or identifying as, wanting to lift creative thinking and walking the talk on how to become more open to broadening your thoughts.

° This course can also be tailored to train teams, management teams and thereby structurally improve the organisation as such.



  • Lunch session 11/02 + 04/03
  • Jam Session 11/03 



  • CB members € 399 
  • Non-members € 499 

2 lunch sessions + 1 jam session 

(5,5h training + coaching)


This is an initiative from Creative Belgium and YIN UNITED supported by MediaMarketing and Flanders DC.