4 Feb 2021

Unbiased thinking leads to creative thinking 

Creative ideas have the potential to propel our world forwards. In the new economy, old recipes of know how don’t necessarily do the job. On top you need to do more with less, faster. Deciding without having all the info. Change is your only constant. Very often, the pressure to be serious, along with stress, anxiety, self-criticism, routines, assumptions and the fear of not being good enough can hold you back from being fully creative. It’s a skill to be learned.

With the right mindset and strategies you can overcome these blocks, inviting creativity back into your daily and professional life. This class gives key lessons to bring the next generation of ideas to life.


What will I learn?

In the first class you will...

  • Learn about the risk of fast thinking (D. Kahneman) and what works better for the creative process.
  • Look critically at preconceived ideas, routines, assumptions.
  • Learn about the myths and the realities of the creative process.

In the second class you will...

  • Leverage more from your strengths and find ways to tackle blockages. 
  • Land your individual plan to get started. 


For who? 

Everyone who wants to contribute more actively to new thinking, to innovating, to change and  thrive in the new economy. In an energy giving, effective result driven way. Mid-level leaders, account team members, creatives, strategic experts, digital wizards, entrepreneurs, aspiring leaders. And anyone else eager to learn about navigating into the new. 

° This course can also be tailored to train teams, management teams and thereby structurally improve the organisation as such.



Lunch sessions: 2 separate training courses of 1,5  hour + additional pre-tasking.

Followed by a live jam session of 2,5 hours with open-minded peers (max 6), led by an engaging expert. 



  • Lunch session 04/02 + 23/02
  • Jam Session 25/2 



  • CB members € 399 
  • Non-members € 499 

2 lunch sessions + 1 jam session 

(5,5h training + coaching)


This is an initiative from Creative Belgium and YIN UNITED supported by MediaMarketing and Flanders DC.