8 May 2015 - 8 May 2015 16:00 - 18:00

We truly believe the oxigen of creativity often lies in other disciplines then the one you practice. That's why your Creative Club will organise refreshing showers of  inspiration and bring you new initiatives in collaboration with artists, creative minds and cultural institutions.

In ‘RemoteAntwerp’, Stefan Kaegi and co-director Jörg Bauer Karr invite the audience to step outside the walls of the theatre and go on an excursion into the city. This is not a tourist walk through Antwerp, but a discovery of lesser known corners in less frequented areas. Armed with an audio guide, and like the other forty-nine group members, you allow yourself to be guided by a mysterious voice. You will experience a unique performance which you watch with detachment: using technology, Stefan Kaegi influences your perception and allows you to experience an isolated way of being together. Even though you are a group, you become one other’s spectators...

After the walk we welcome you in a local bar for some beers, a good opportunity to catch up with creatives from the industry.

Exclusive session for members of The Creative Club of Belgium 

place: Stadspark deSingel Antwerp