26 Nov 2020

Is your creative organisation ready to reach, inspire and connect with society, customers and employees of tomorrow?

Last October, we did a baseline measurement that covered everything from how people feel about pay, to flexible working, equal opportunities, happiness and stress, and more. It was the first deep dive of its kind in the creative industry. We have uncovered more than we expected. We learned that agencies are very homogenous so, scored very badly in terms of diversity (on different levels). But how do you reach diverse talent? And how do you prepare your organisation for this? Given that most people's inner circle looks similar to them (in terms of ethnicity, sexuality, religion, class etc), refferal bonuses are one of the main ways in which the homogeneity of the workforce is reinforced.

During this webinar you’ll get practical tips on how to attract more diverse profiles to your organisation, you’ll learn how to organise a good onboarding of diverse talent and how to prepare your team and organisation for this. We will also encourage you to think about how diversity in your team and our creative industry can make a difference. At the end we'll give you a practical toolkit on building and managing diversity on the workfloor.

This is a great time to start preparing your company for the future with a strong and genuine understanding of what’s happening now.


For who?

For organisations in the creative industry that are looking for talent and want to invest in more diverse teams.



  • 26 November 2020: 10am – 11am
  • Tickets: free with prior registration 
  • Language: Dutch
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Organised by Flanders DC in collaboration with Creative Belgium.

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