5 Mar 2020 08:30

Our first leadership conference for all who have a role to play in shaping our creative industry.

This is a great time to start prepping your agency/company for the future. It all starts by having a good and genuine understanding of what’s happening now and commit to change to enable growth. 

Learning outcomes from the conference include: how to give female leadership a chance, what ‘inclusive creativity’ brings us, how to create high-performing teams, where are we now, how to be an authentic leader, etc.Thanks to Gelijke Kansen and our supporting partners.

Join us on March, 5th for an inspiring day that will bring positive change.

Some background info:

At Creative Belgium, we believe in 'creativity for all', which is why we're committed to shaping a happy, diverse, inclusive and equal industry for everyone.

The conference is a first initiative to move towards more happy, inclusive and diverse working places in our industry. But to start, we realized the data about where we are now was simply not there. And how could we start a conversation and drive strategies for change if we don’t know what needs to change nor why and how. So we did a baseline measurement that covers everything from how people feel about pay, flexible working, equal opportunities, happiness and stress, and more. It was the first deep-dive of its kind!

We have found out that mental health, stress and female leadership are challenges within the industry. And stress kills creativity. That’s why we need successful organizations that create stimulating and energizing environments. 

You can read the Voices of our Industry Report here


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