9 Nov 2017 - 9 Nov 2017 18:30 - 21:00

Artist and art director Erik Kessels (1966), co-founder of the communication agency KesselsKramer, visits us to talk about his career and his book Failed It! How mistakes inspire him and how he turns them into projects.

Kessels will show examples of his work and how mistakes play a role in it. The lecture will end with the artistic work that Kessels did over the years with vernacular and amateur photography. In a discussion after the talk he will stimulate the attendees to fail and fuck up. 

The art of admitting failure by mortierbrigade

Luckily we've found an agency willing to share some mistakes, flirts with disaster and even real failures. Because they believe that making mistakes every now and then makes their work better. Without it, they would be stuck in a zone of mediocrity and ‘meh’. Sure, they would probably never be nervous, self-conscious or potentially mortified, but they would not be admired either. They would be… boring. Listen to real experiences of mortierbrigade and how they've overcome the fear of looking stupid so they can create original work and surprise the hell out of someone every once in a while.

Call for failures!

Send us your biggest failure and win the Failed it! Award. The Failed It! Award recognizes excellence in screwing up. A unique, once in a life time award.

Just send us a jpeg, gif or mov file of your Failed it! moment. Entering the competition is for free. We're already looking forward to your entries! 

The longlist will be shown on Nov 9 and Erik Kessels will decide who the winner of this award is. A few of the categories we are thinking of:
Failed it! Mail
Failed It! Imbecile Presentation
Failed It! Pitch Moment
Failed It! Mail (email screw-up) 


Date: Thursday November 9 2017 – 6:30 pm

Where: Firma - Vilvoorde

Registration needed. 

Members:  €0 (No show fee of 50 euro will be applied for members)

Price Non-members: €50 (excl VAT)