29 Mar 2024

Working on purpose and getting everyone involved. A topic followed out our survey Voices of our industry. Because inclusion is the only possible conclusion. We really wanted to be part of the Welcome Talent Program to prepare and help people from different backgrounds enter the creative industry in Belgium. Created by Delphine Geyskens. 

First we welcomed everyone at our Clubhouse to introduce the creative sector to the participants. And get to know eachother. We ended the day with a private session of The Book Club hosted by Kriticos Mwansa who managed to lead the way and create meaningful conversations. 
The conversation was geared towards discussing how to make the creative industry a more safe space for people of multicultural backgrounds. We discussed many things that pertain to the experience of being a person of colour in the creative industry, and old institutions. From sharing how hijabs have been policed in the workplace, to black hair styles and women’s assertiveness.

We also had a moment of introspection and inspiration where the students shared where they see themselves going in the next few years, as they finish their final year as undergrads. Looking forward to welcome all these talents in the creative industry.