19 Oct 2023

About the session

You will learn what you can expect when looking for a new job or a new internship. Nicole Madajczyk will talk about how to write a resume properly, what things to take in to account when writing a cover letter and the basics of creating your portfolio. Finally, the session will end with some tips and tricks from people who work in the creative industry itself. Don't miss out on this session, you can use this information to apply for a job, student job, internship, ... you name it!

This session is open to all students and young professionals. It will take place online on Thursday, 19 October 2023 at 6pm via Zoom.

About Nicole Madajczyk

Nicole is Creative Belgium's newest intern. After receiving her bachelor's degree in work -and organizational psychology, she decided to explore the creative sector and discover what this industry has to offer. She gained experience in several internships, including job coaching, where she supported job seekers to present themselves in the job market. In 2022 she lived in Valencia for four months where she was a teacher recruiter, now she is working at the forensic psychiatric center (FPC) as a student HR recruiter. 

Thanks to her experience and passion for human development, we are organizing this session for (graduated) students. Join this informal moment and take your first steps into applying for a job or internship. 


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