30 May 2023

Web3, blockchain, NFTs, and the Metaverse... For the last two years, these words have dominated the cultural zeitgeist. It’s still early days. Some brands have made the visions a reality, others are still looking for a beginning of the journey.. 

This creative session helps creatives to see the new technology as a way forward for brands. You will learn how emerging technologies could be considered as an important component when building a story or brand strategy. You will understand why incorporating innovative technologies benefits you as a creative to reclaim creativity and storytelling and create unique experiences that reach new audiences. 

This webinar provides a comprehensible updated introduction to Web3 with inspiring cases of how brands and agencies have used the technology beyond the hype and helps you to maximize the benefits of these cutting-edge technologies.



OG Studio is your full stack, web3 studio. OG Studio helps brands and organisations solve their business challenges with digital collectables and blockchain technology. In the past OG Studio has helped organisations such as the RBFA, European Parliament, VeePee, Creative Belgium, LCL, House of Media and more with education, strategy and development in this newly emerging space.

OG stands for Original Gangster, as we’re at the forefront of the Web3 space, but OG also stands for the 'Ownership Generation’. It’s not just about us, OG Studio, it’s about creating a new generation that takes ownership of their digital selves. Everyone can, and we hope will, become an OG. It’s our mission to onboard the people and businesses we work with, meet with, encounter and talk to into the ownership generation.


In partnership with AMPLO and Pub.

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