2 Feb 2016 18:00

We truly believe people get inspired by going outside and meeting others. And we want to give a little help, with access to lectures and workshops. Not only to educate the next generation and young creatives, even more to encourage and inspire all creative thinkers at all stages of their careers. And the good thing is, we're happy to say that our first 3 Creative Sessions Film will be offered for free to our members thanks to the support of Brightfish. 



- Geoffrey Hantson, Chief Creative Officer Happiness-Anywhere

- Marc Van Buggenhout, Agency TV producer


When it comes to creativity in film nothing has changed but everything is different.

In this session Geoffrey Hantson and Marc Van Buggenhout will take you through the essential rules, tips and tricks to make sure creativity gets all the chances it deserves. They will cover subjects like the basics of good storytelling, how to deal and co-create with directors, accounts, clients. How to protect and not damage the idea throughout the process of producing it. Essentials that were valid yesterday and still are today. But the role of film has also evolved. In a digital environment it is not only about storytelling but also about enabling stories to be told.

So a new set of essentials need to be covered: how to increase your chances to be shared, how to involve the audience and/or activate them.This and much more, for your inspiration only - brought by two Belgian heroes within our industry.

Entry fee:

- Members : 0EUR

- Non-members: 50EUR

- No show fee members: 50EUR



Geoffrey joined Happiness Brussels and Saigon as Chief Creative Officer and co-founder early 2015. He’s also part of the global creative council of the FCB network. So far Geoffrey won 33 Cannes Lions, 68 Eurobest awards (of which 3 Grand Prix), over 120 CCB awards (of which 3 Grand Prix and 3 times agency of the year) and was named global creative of the year by Business Insider in 2013.

Marc Van Buggenhout is father of 5. He worked as Head of Creative Services at TBWA for 12 years. For 16 years he has worked as Founding Partner and COO at the Duval Guillaume Group. Since 4 years Marc is Executive Producer Freelance at ASP.